Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Fwd: Succesful Learners Shakespeare Matters - AdelaideX

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Subject: Succesful Learners Shakespeare Matters - AdelaideX
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Tuesday 13th November 2018
Hello Scott Lord

Congratulations on completing the Shakespeare Matters MOOC!

The University of Adelaide is proud to have this MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) selected to take part in a study by Purdue University exploring motivation and learning strategies of successful MOOC learners.

As a successful learner in Shakespeare Matters, you are invited to share your motivation and learning strategies by completing a short survey (10-15 minutes).

Take the survey

Your input will be very helpful for MOOC instructors as well as future MOOC learners.

You need to be 18 years old or older to participate in this study – participation is voluntary, and your response is anonymous.

In addition, if you are interested in being interviewed for this study, please leave your email address at the end of the survey.

For any questions about the survey, please contact Daeyeoul Lee, Purdue University

(This study has IRB approval by Purdue University)

The University of Adelaide
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Scott Lord <http://scottlord.blogspot.com>

Scott Lord <http://garboseastrom.blogspot.com>

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Fwd: Happiness is here... so hop on HOPE (PrincetonX)

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From: HOPE: Human Odyssey to Political Existentialism Course Staff <HOPEx-no-reply@courseupdates.edx.org>
Date: Saturday, November 10, 2018
Subject: Happiness is here... so hop on HOPE (PrincetonX)
To: scottlordnovelist@gmail.com

edX Logo Course Update

Course Update from:
HOPE: Human Odyssey to Political Existentialism

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Hi everyone,

Dare to choose – and choose daringly!

That was our main lesson, in Lesson 2. The idea and practice of freedom, we discovered, is at the very heart of existentialism. It's a packed and intense lesson, but completing it, you have laid the foundation for all that follows. In the warmup, half proclaimed their freedom, the other doubted it; two thirds felt respected when obeyed, a fifth don't like that sensation. So once again, I'm with the minority…

The Discussion opened a host of fascinating insights and conversations. @Sloopie72 alluded to Thomas Nagel's classic essay, "What is it like to be a bat?" to suggest we really don't know if non-humans lack reflection and freedom. As far as human freedom goes, @Daria1712 is not excited about the seemingly "infinite" choices we have, claiming sometimes "too [many] choices are worse than having just a few" because humans need boundaries. If freedom requires reflection, and reflection requires some solitude, can we truly sustain it? @Karagoz believes we "should learn how to be alone and make the most of solitude." When we can't stand being alone, and increasingly struggle with critical thinking, what becomes of our politics? Pubic nihilism is dangerous, warn @TomerKrepak and @GeriBryan, the latter suggesting that seeing no point in voting "is what the death of democracy would look like."

The Gallery now contains hundreds of gems, many on our last topic. We talked much in the lectures on the distinction, and the interplay between, freedom and liberty. @Anestis24 writes about feeling liberated and free when looking at the ocean. The smaller Mediterranean often does the same for me! :-) We also discussed the interplay of freedom and reflection – do we need the mind to be free? Featuring a picture of a Buddhist temple in Japan, @Geribryan implies the opposite may be true: "beauty and harmony! This is true freedom! To be free of the mind is to get out of the stories that the mind tells me." @Rgd98 uploaded her own picture: "The girl in this photo is me, and that was the first time that I felt the freedom in my life. I was sitting at the forest in Golan Hights, my friend took this photo when she was standing behind me listing to my words that I was saying about my pain and my suffering of being undefined person who lives in such a big place. I was talking, crying and suddenly I left my head and looked in front of me and I saw this beautiful view, for the first time I felt free, I felt that there is no limits, no one expecting and that the life is so much simpler than I thought."

And so we turn to simpler affairs – Happiness & Death – the odd couple leading our third lesson. You may be free, but are you happy? How could you be, knowing you – we – are going to die? We'll explore these questions, and their political import, in four fun talks that will teach us how to live forever in sublime happiness (or at least consider if we really want to…).

Finally, Talking HOPE has a double feature, with a delightful panel on happiness, and a grim brief talk I just recorded – commemorating a century to the end of the First World War.

A brief talk at the Jerusalem British War Cemetery

Thank you all, and see you soon in HOPE,



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Scott Lord <http://scottlord.blogspot.com>

Scott Lord <http://garboseastrom.blogspot.com>

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Fwd: The Book of Kells - welcome to Week 1

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Date: Sun, Oct 7, 2018 at 8:15 PM
Subject: The Book of Kells - welcome to Week 1
To: <scottlordnovelist@gmail.com>

Hello Scott ,

Welcome to Week 1 of The Book of Kells.

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A warm welcome to Trinity College's The Book of Kells: Exploring an Irish Medieval Masterpiece.

Over the next four weeks we will be sharing a range of engaging videos, articles, resources discussions, and assignments, all carefully arranged by the team here in Trinity College Dublin. Making extensive use of the high resolution images of the Book of Kells available online, we will guide you through some of its complexities, ask you to explore the manuscript and its intricate artwork, and form your own opinions about the manuscript. Through engagement with our range of learning resources, you'll build your knowledge of the manuscript and the context from which it emerged, and reflect on ideas about its background, makers and changing meanings through discussions with other students.

Coming up in Week 1

During Week 1, you will become familiar with the Book of Kells as a Christian text and the religious and political contexts from which it emerged. You might also begin to tackle the question that all students of historic artefacts have to ask: how easy is it for us to understand the intentions of patrons and makers from 1,200 years ago, and is it possible to understand an object from their standpoint?

Week 1 includes videos, discussions, reflections, quizzes and further reading to help you get acquainted with this sometimes mysterious and often misunderstood period of Irish history and creativity.

Course community

There will be plenty of opportunity to interact with other learners once the course begins through reflections and discussions. Please feel welcome to use these discussions to raise questions and address problems or help other people by answering their questions. We will be monitoring these discussions and will attempt to respond to common problems and queries as the course proceeds.

If you use Twitter, please use the hashtag #FLbookofkells for any discussions about the course, and follow us @OnlineEd_TCD for updates.

We hope you enjoy this four-week journey and enhance your understanding of one of the great masterpieces of medieval art.

Rachel Moss and Fáinche Ryan
Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Course Now Open!

Sent from the desk of Scott Lord

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From: "John Milton: Paradise Lost" Course Staff <DART.ENGL.02X-no-reply@courseupdates.edx.org>
Date: August 9, 2018 at 2:49:41 PM EDT
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Subject: Course Now Open!

edX Course Update for John Milton: Paradise Lost
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Course Update from:
John Milton: Paradise Lost

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Welcome to John Milton: Paradise Lost

The course materials are now available!

Three hundred fifty years ago, John Milton published the first edition of Paradise Lost.  Since then it has re-appeared in hundreds of editions and has come to be recognized as the greatest poetic achievement in English. John Dryden, England's poet laureate at the time, even suggested that Milton's English epic surpassed Homer's achievements in Greek and Virgil's in Latin. 

We look forward to engaging with you in this edX course and through Dartmouth College's Milton Reading Room using the the annotation tool Hypothesis. 

The MiltonX Course Team

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Scott , you’re on your way to qualifying for a Certificate on Shakespeare

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Subject: Scott , you're on your way to qualifying for a Certificate on Shakespeare
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Hello Scott ,

Well done on finishing over 90% of Shakespeare. You're on your way to qualifying for a Certificate of Achievement. This is a printed and digital certificate, with a transcript that details what you learnt on the course, and demonstrates your hard work.

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Happy Learning,
The FutureLearn Team

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