Monday, June 6, 2016

Letter to Camille Norton re: Harvard University Poetry: MOOC with Elisa New

From: Camille Norton
Date: June 6, 2016 at 11:54:16 AM EDT
To: "scottlordnovelist 
Subject: Re: Harvard University Poetry: MOOC with Elisa New

Dear Scott,

I have never been a lover of Ezra Pound, though I have studied him in the
larger context of American modernist expatriate writing and have always
been interested in the role he played in defining what modern poetry
should be in the 20th Century. I was much more in love with H.D.(Hilda
Doolittle), a poet he knew from his youth in Pennsylvania. The thing about
Pound is that he seemed to know everybody. He had a hand in helping T.S.
Eliot revise ³The Waste Land.² And of course, he knew W.C. Williams as

Wallace Stevens is a giant. May I recommend ³Large Red Man Reading² as an
example of what he does so well?  ³The Idea of Order at Key West² and ³The
Snow Man² are also favorites of mine.

My favorite poems by Williams are ³For Elsie² and ³On the Road to the
Contagious Hospital²‹ though I think you should at least look at his book
length poem, PATTERSON. There you will see a modernist design for the book
poem that has roots in Melville and in Whitman, as well as a profound
influence on experimental postmodern poetry.

As far as my own work goes‹ I have a book CORRUPTION (Harper Perennial)
that is available on Amazon in print and as an e-book.

All my best to you in your study of poetry.

Camille Norton, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Department of English
University of the Pacific

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Dear Professor Norton,
     I am enrolled in the online classes from Harvard on Poetry
conducted by Elisa New and noticed that you have done work on Era Pound.
Do you have a particular poem by William Carlos Williams or Wallace
Stevens that you think highly of and where can we find poetry that you
have written?

Scott Lord
Cambridge, Massachusetts
EDX online student

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