Monday, April 11, 2016

: Sexing the Canvas: Art and Gender | 2016 Announcement

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From: "Sexing the Canvas: Art and Gender Course Team"
Date: April 10, 2016 at 9:52:07 PM EDT
Subject: Sexing the Canvas: Art and Gender | 2016 Announcement

Scott Lord,
The latest information from Sexing the Canvas: Art and Gender on Coursera.
Dear Scott Lord, 

You are receiving this email as you had previously been enrolled in the University of Melbourne's MOOC 'Sexing the Canvas: Art and Gender'  taught by Professor Jeanette Hoorn. We wish to share with you three exciting pieces of news about this course.

The Sexing the Canvas MOOC is running again in 2016 starting next week on the 18th March. This year it is being taught in Coursera's new learning platform. If you enjoyed your participation in the course previously or know of anyone who you think would like taking part in this course, please join us, or share this link to enroll in the course:

The Sexing the Canvas Facebook group is still active at: and you are welcome to maintain your interest in Sexing the Canvas by joining this group.

Also, we have taken all of the article links that were shared by other students in the Facebook group and curated them into a digital magazine at Scoopit: You may find visiting this site and reading some of the related links will bring back fond memories of your time in the Sexing the Canvas MOOC, and nurture your learning in this area.

We wish you the best in your lifelong learning journey, and thank you for allowing the University of Melbourne to have the opportunity to make a contribution to the experience. We hope you have an informative and successful 2016.

Best regards,

The University of Melbourne MOOC support team.
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