Thursday, May 12, 2016

ModPo 2016 is now ready for enrollment (still free)

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From: Modern & Contemporary American Poetry Course Team
Date: March 31, 2016 at 1:21:37 PM EDT
To: Scott Lord
Subject: ModPo 2016 is now ready for enrollment (still free)

Scott Lord,
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enroll in ModPo 2016 here:


Dear Scott Lord & all those who were part of ModPo in 2014:

ModPo 2016 (which begins on September 10) is now open for enrollment. As always, ModPo is free and open to all.

Those who have been part of ModPo before will find that all the ModPo TAs will be returning—along with a few fabulous new TAs. ModPoPLUS has been expanded to include new poems and new video discussions of those poems. The Teacher Resource Center offers teachers (and those interested in teaching poetry) a great range of materials, guidance and support. The ModPo "Crowdsourced Close Readings" site includes videos made by ModPo people worldwide to offer all of us new approaches to the poetry we encounter in the main syllabus.

Please pass along the link to friends and colleagues and family and urge them to join us:

And please, even if you don't plan to participate fully, enroll in the site so that you will have year-round access to all the ModPo resources and friendly people.

If you have questions before September 10, post to the ModPo Facebook group (go into FB and search for "Modern & Contemporary American Poetry" and request to join) or tweet us at @ModPoPenn or use twitter hashtag #ModPoLive. You can follow us on Periscope at "ModPo."

You can also call the Kelly Writers House at 215-746-POEM.

- Al

Al Filreis

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