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England in the time of King Richard III - The journey continues

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Date: January 30, 2015 at 6:45:49 AM EST
Subject: England in the time of King Richard III - The journey continues
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Hello Scott,

A while back you enrolled on the exciting journey that was the England in the time of King Richard III course. I hope for many of you it sparked, rekindled or confirmed your interest in all things medieval.

You may have been following Richard III's news in the press, and will be aware that DNA evidence was released in December, confirming his lineage and revealing that he was probably a blond haired, blue eyed king. See:

You may also be aware that he will be reinterred within Leicester Cathedral on Thursday 26 March, following a series of events in the city to mark the occasion.

To mark these new events in Richard's story, we have updated the course to reflect the latest research, and have added his latest journey to a final resting place in the Cathedral. The next run of the course starts on 16 February, and most excitingly, during the final week of the course Richard III will be reinterred within Leicester Cathedral. I will be attending the burial service and I've managed to get exclusive interviews with the Dean and others involved: plus you'll be able to follow events live, as they build up to the service within the Cathedral.

I thought that some of you might be interested in joining me for this new chapter – maybe taking a chance to review some favourite, or challenging, areas of the course on a second run through; or invite friends or family to join you this time. Equally, you may just like to join me in the final week for the new material and live link-up.

You can join the new run of the course at:

I look forward to seeing some of you then,


Deirdre O'Sullivan
Lecturer in Medieval Archaeology
University of Leicester