Saturday, November 28, 2015

Letter from my online instructor !!

Begin forwarded message:
Date: November 28, 2015 at 1:35:41 PM EST
Subject: Re: From MOOC student Scott Lord :Nice to Meet You in Harvard Square

Dear Scott,

Please call me Philip. What a wonderful thing it was to run into you last
night, and amazing that you should recognise me. I¹m very glad you said
hello. And I¹m very pleased that a MOOC should bring people together like
that! Shows what education can do!

Yes, I know Anne Bradstreet through John Berryman¹s poetry, which I used
to study. And went back and read her work. The Day of Doom I think is a
very long poem isn¹t it, but I¹ve read some stanzas from it. Michael
Wigglesworth was the father and grandfather of the two Edward
Wigglesworths I think.

All the best Scott, and with your adventures in on-line education. I feel
as though I¹m learning from you, rather than the other way round!


Dear Professor Mead,
It was nice to meet you in Harvard Square tonight and I appreciate your
allowing me to thank you for your MOOC. Good luck at Harvard and please
remember to look into the history of Colonial Literature, particularly
the poetess Anne Bradstreet, and Michael Wigglesworth, who wrote the Day
of Doom religious poems. Clearly, there is a historical division between
American poetry of the Puritan and that of the American Revolution.
Again, I apologize for abruptly calling you over, but it was a complete
surprise that you were here.

Your online Student,
Australian Literature from Cousera,
Scott Lord
Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Ps. Currently I am in the Coursera class on Art from Melbourne, which is
going well.

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