Saturday, November 28, 2015

Letter from my online instructor !!

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Date: November 28, 2015 at 1:35:41 PM EST
Subject: Re: From MOOC student Scott Lord :Nice to Meet You in Harvard Square

Dear Scott,

Please call me Philip. What a wonderful thing it was to run into you last
night, and amazing that you should recognise me. I¹m very glad you said
hello. And I¹m very pleased that a MOOC should bring people together like
that! Shows what education can do!

Yes, I know Anne Bradstreet through John Berryman¹s poetry, which I used
to study. And went back and read her work. The Day of Doom I think is a
very long poem isn¹t it, but I¹ve read some stanzas from it. Michael
Wigglesworth was the father and grandfather of the two Edward
Wigglesworths I think.

All the best Scott, and with your adventures in on-line education. I feel
as though I¹m learning from you, rather than the other way round!


Dear Professor Mead,
It was nice to meet you in Harvard Square tonight and I appreciate your
allowing me to thank you for your MOOC. Good luck at Harvard and please
remember to look into the history of Colonial Literature, particularly
the poetess Anne Bradstreet, and Michael Wigglesworth, who wrote the Day
of Doom religious poems. Clearly, there is a historical division between
American poetry of the Puritan and that of the American Revolution.
Again, I apologize for abruptly calling you over, but it was a complete
surprise that you were here.

Your online Student,
Australian Literature from Cousera,
Scott Lord
Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Ps. Currently I am in the Coursera class on Art from Melbourne, which is
going well.

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Letter from my online instructor !!


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From: Leah Reis-Dennis
Subject: Re: Online Student- from Scott Lord, HarvardEDX

Dear Scott,

It was good to meet you and Donna. Looking forward to seeing you when we turn to Modernism in the Spring!

Best, Leah

On Sat, Nov 7, 2015

Subject: Online Student

Thank you for the warm welcome that you gave me when I introduced myself as your online student in Harvard Square today when you were going for ice cream. My fiancée and I actually were on our way to Mount Auburn and when we got to Longfellow's grave four wild turkeys came up to unexpectedly greet us.

Thanks again, that was nice of you to allow me to say hello considering that you might have been at work and busy.
I did happen to finish the lecture on Boswell/Johnson tonight and look forward to Professor New's class on modernism.

Scott Lord (and fiancée Donna),
Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Leah Reis-Dennis
Poetry in America

Monday, November 23, 2015

Your next Buddhism and Modern Psychology lesson is ready

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Subject: Your next Buddhism and Modern Psychology  lesson is ready

Scott Lord, you've taken the first step by starting!
Continue learning about Buddhism and Modern Psychology today!

Continue Learning
Next Up: Office Hours 1
Next Up: Office Hours 1
Princeton UniversityBuddhism and Modern Psychology
Princeton University
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Sunday, November 1, 2015

We met my (favorite) online instructor, poet Professor Mead

I now know that when writing the phrase "poet Professor Mead" there is a standard grammatical order to using adjectives and adverbs, which came about during an online course on Grammar from Queensland University.

Tonight, we met my online instructor in Australian Literature in Harvard Square, it was a complete surprise that he was presently here. We were near the First Parish Church, or Old Granary Burial Ground, where Professor New filmed her lectures on Colonial poetry, and where we saw Joyce Carol Oates at a book signing last month and he walked passed. I quickly called to him with, "Phillip" and thanked him for his having taught the online class Untill his last name finally came to me.
I mentioned author Patrick White, a novelist covered in his classroom.
We shook hands and he asked if I found the MOOCs helpful, my answering that I have finished 33 certificates within two years. He mentioned that he is teaching at Harvard almost with a wave that we could reverse our direction and accompany him part of his way, as he might be busy, but we were on our way somewhere to shop for apparel.
I did finish another online certifcate class offered by Harvard University last night, the third in a series of nine, an tonight most likely will be watching lectures from the University of Melbourne on Art from the Coursera platform.
Please enjoy my online instructor, who gave me a minute of his time while in America and is featured in the above video.