Saturday, October 3, 2015

Scott Lord

Begin forwarded message:

From: Modern & Contemporary American Poetry Course
Subject: ModPo starts in 48 hours

Scott Lord,
The latest information from Modern & Contemporary American Poetry by University of Pennsylvania on Coursera.
Dear Scott Lord & all those enrolled in our modern poetry course:

As you know, "ModPo" begins on Saturday, September 12, starting at 9 AM (Philadelphia time). That's a tiny bit more than 48 hours from now! After that time you can go here

and then enter the ModPo 2015 site, or you can go directly here (bookmark this URL):

On Sunday at 9 AM we will make available all the materials for the first week of our course. That will give us a full day on Saturday to introduce ourselves, look for study groups of interest, ask technical questions, try out the discussion forums, look over the syllabus, watch and listen to introductory videos and audio, and check out ModPo's own "Frequently Asked Questions" page.

Our FAQ page includes an audio guide to ModPo.

See the screenshot below. I've circled two links among those appearing on every ModPo web page. Try both of these links when you enter the site: "discussion forums," and "FAQ & audio guide."

We hope you enjoy our Saturday together—a day for initial explorations of the site and of the ModPo mode.

With best wishes from the Kelly Writers House,

- Al Filreis

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