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Whether you want to develop a new skill, discover a new passion or pursue a new career in 2016, take your first step with FutureLearn.
Here are just a few of the things you could be this year with the help of a free online course…
Understand the science of nutrition and the link between diet and wellbeing. Live a healthy lifestyle with advice from nutritionists and medics.
Understand hot topics like genomics and antibiotic resistance. Explore the science behind liver transplant, influenza or more healthcare topics.
Improve your English language skills through Shakespeare. Get an introduction to Dutch, or study the culture and language of eight countries.
Write your first novel or develop your first screenplay. Learn from great works like Robert Burns's poems and songs, or Shakespeare's Othello.
Want to climb the career ladder in 2016? Develop your cultural intelligence or digital leadership skills, and improve your job prospects.
Examine tech trends like cyber security, robotics or the Internet of Things. Find out how innovation will create smart cities and sustainable supply chains.
Go behind the scenes of a feature film, or develop specialist skills like animation, production and visual effects. Learn how to get into filmmaking.
Explore English history, Irish history or your own family history. Examine conflicts such as World War 1 and the Cold War.
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