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Scott Lord

Sunday, July 20, 2014

I've completed my third MOOC this year- British Literature, University of Sheffield

This MOOC was from Future Learn, which is primarily British. I overlapped a course on British Country Houses from the University of Sheffield, and like some Coursera courses it features the benefit of several professors with one department head, a different speaker each week alternating with the course instructor- about five different professors during eight to ten weeks for both Future Learn and Coursera, which I like- for the two courses it brought five British professors and five Danish professors, for the three courses, add four or five guest speakers from the museums of Scotland: so I've looking specifically for classrooms all across Europe and to quickly gain experience from multiple lecturers. I completed 99% of the course and scored 93% on the final exam. Quizzes don't count but for the seven of them, the grade is about the same. It covered Ben Johnson, a scene from Hamlet, Jane Austen, Ocar Wilde, Anne Radcliffe and some lesser known literature from Derbyshire. I am still enrolled in a concurrent MOOC on Richard III from the University of Leicester, which centers a study of Medieval History around the archeological find of the Medieval King's body. The professor uses it as a neat pretense for a study of The War of The Roses, along with its burial grounds. But I began with Coursera, so after finishing the course on Scandinavian Film and Television with a peer assessment grade of 87.9% and the course on Warhol (Modern Pop Art) with a similar 85%, I'm currently taking Communication Science from the University of Amsterdam, which I passing so far in regard to tests but would want to pull it up the more familiar with it I become. So it would be as an English Major were I to be enrolled anywhere, but with this, I visit classrooms I would never think of seeing and find any ELECTIVE I think will (big bang my mind) add a new topic. It didn't need to be my favorite art course. So that's three completed MOOCs this year, two in progress- I'm more used to it and am thinking of picking up the pace. On my schedule for the rest of the year are courses from University of London, (Hebrew) University of Jerusalem, University of Warwick, University of Copenhagen, Lancaster University. I related to them the story that I had an eight millimeter projector and one Superbowl Film of the Minnesota Vikings vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. After four years of Midget (Pop Warner), we went to the New Orleans training camp while briefly spending a summer on the Southern part of the Atlantic Coast. It was empty, not one player. But, waiting by the truck, sheer coincidence, a backfield coach was taking a lap, and he slowed down. I asked Buck Buchanan, retired from the Kansas City Chiefs by 1975, if I should play football for Harvard or should I switch around and try to go to different colleges. Of course his advice was to stay with one. The was no internet at the time, but the player from Harvard I later saw was really just giving a lecture, and although I sat in the front, I don't remember George Plympton really saying anything valuable but that he knew someone that had "the temerity" during his carreer to do something odd by putting something or other, a paperclip or pencil or something in his mouth; I didn't really need the ancedote, and to be honest, his book is like reading Moby Dick. You can see where I'm leading. Scott Lord

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our building will be in a film, Donna walked through the on location set

I went to run an errand and there was a lighting crew with grips (their name was Black Flag working for Warner Brothers) and lights (the equipment read "Red Herring") in our parking lot ready for our building to appear in the distance on film. I brought Donna downstairs and asked if she wanted to go out and see the next street over where they were filming. We walked through where they were shooting and there was an antique vehicle in park, and one of the buildings was covered with graffiti for the film. Someone from the film directed her by saying "Keep on walking" and Donna asked, "Is Johnny Depp here?" The man just smiled. After the lighting crew left she asked to take another walk because it was a nice night. In front of a 68 Buick used in the film, she talked to security about tomorrow's afternoon filming and they told us about a Celtic Phonebox. We walked back through "the set" and found a wooden phone box the read "Telefon"; presumably the main street will be used for the United States and the side street will be a scene thought to take place in Europe. Mostly Donna liked having her picture taken in front of an Antique European car. Usually the most exciting thing is the wild rabbit that comes out from the train tracks and a hawk that flies through the parking lot to land on top of the building.
The movie is scheduled for next year, so untill then.......

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