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Scott Lord

Monday, October 6, 2014

Someone Like You (Official Video) written by Adele

One of my recent internet poetry tutors (mentors). Please allow a quick listen.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Scott Lord on Shakespeare: Silent Film- Cymbeline

On our return to "one of the 19 floors in Cambridge" we were greeted by a new rabbit in the courtyard (a baby rabbit) and a new possum (a baby possum) within a half our of each other, The possum is at the moment smaller than the rabbit- they are approximately the same size. In Rockport, I quickly passed an Introduction to Philosophy Mooc from the University of Edinburgh, 100% on the first two weeks of quizzes, and we're now in our third week. While there I began two other MOOCs, Harvard Poetry and Penn Poetry- so it was what I did while there, and there is a lot left. Now here, another MOOC has begun, Shakespeare from the University of Warwick, which is virtually Stratford on Avon. So here's the updated listed. Completed: University of Copenhagen: Scandinavian Film University of Edinburgh: Modern Art University of Leicester: Richard III University of Sheffield: British Literature In Progress: Harvard University: Poetry University of Pennsylvania: Poetry University of Warwick: Shakespeare Upcoming: University of Copenhagen: Kierkegaard University of Nottingham: Literature The heartbreak is Literature from Brown University- it is still in progress but I won't promise its completion. Of interest were lectures on the novel Manon Lescaut and Pride and Prejudice. Usually I do read novels rather than take courses, but the vacation by the ocean and the incoming schedule of courses made it so the reading of a novel a week was more something I did last summer. I still might read one to four of the novels from the course and watch the accompanying lectures for those novels.

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